About Silverthorn Associates

Silverthorn Associates was founded by Mark Brett in 2002 and became a limited company in 2005. We work with a number of Local Authorities, Central Government Departments and SMEs, helping them support and deliver their ICT infrastructure and strategies.

Mark Brett, Managing Consultant of Silverthorn Associates, has over 25 years experience of working within Local Government, working with various organisations to develop partnerships and communities of interest. Examples of the people he has worked with include Socitm, London Resilience Team, LGA, CIPFA, London Connects and the Cabinet Office. This wealth of experience means that Mark has extenstive knowledge of risk management, security, emergency planning and business continuity.

Silverthorn Associates provides strategic support and guidance, to a number of Local Authorities. We specialise in Information Governance, Information Assurance and Risk Management. We also offer specialist training for Local Government SIROs and Information Asset Owners.